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Leisure Travel: with Italy Creative DMC Italy is near!

Travelling means growing, meeting new people, new cultures and new traditions. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the cities are a true artistic jewels.

We are convinced that everyone should try our itineraries, enjoy our creative projects and share our love for  Italy. Italy Creative is specialized on tours tailored for companies, but also for groups of friends and individuals. For all those who want to learn about Italy’s culture, beauties, food and art, and dream Italy for their leisure travel, with Italy Creative Italy is near.

We know how to satisfy the interests each of our customers through our itineraries and with our Leisure Travel they will bring a little piece of Italy with them back!

Executive Travel Leisure

get the most of your free time

Executive Leisure is the VIP service thought to ensure our clients and their families have every opportunity to get the most of their free time. Executive Leisure provides personal travel and dream holidays and almost anything else you might want to do in your free time for unforgettable days out, exclusive event tickets, selected venues and charming restaurants.

Leisure Groups Program

Italy Creative DMC creates custom tours for affinity groups, preformed groups and communities of travellers who share a common interest, hobby and activity or organizational affiliation which expect the highest quality standards, creativity, flexibility and value for money.

If visiting Italy is one of their interest, then Italy Creative DMC is the ideal partner.

We are specialised in organising any kind of cultural, special interests, shopping or recreation trips as well as in tours for commercial organisations, industrial and professional association, corporate, government, elderly and non-profit.

We emphasize flexibility and creativity and thanks to our experience, extensive local destination know-how and flexibility so to provide you any cost effective arrangement , value added services for your client.

We analyze deeply the needs and requirements of our clients and propose tailor made programs according to the group size, planned activities, season, budget and… dreams!

Special: videomaker service

Italy Creative can also provide a professional videomaker to accompany you and capture your dream travel, event, workshop, team building experience, incentive trip, backstage. The video is delivered on DVD or USB as your recall.

The underlying characteristics of our itineraries and tours:



All projects are made of creativity and attentive research of originality and freshness.



A deep knowledge of the travel industry and a boundless love for Italy.



A thorough understanding of the needs and requirements of our customers.


Love for

Love for art & design, food wine, shopping & glamour, romaticism & fancy.