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Traveling is not always synonymous of holidays. The suitcase has to be prepared for business travel too. But the requirements are different and yet similar for some details ! Italy Creative DMC takes care of every single detail of your business trip planning, offering the maximum comfort, since traveling to work some time  can be stressful. We know how transform your stress into a pleasant business trip. Generally, the business man has no time to spend and the growing needs and the contingencies are unforseen, for this reason our customers are protected by  24/7 service.

Our business travel service is based on the design of the transfer, taking into account the time,  the distances and the existing traffic, updated at any time to guarantee the utmost punctuality. We are continuously monitoring the requirements of our clients, without invading their stay, but responding to the needs and solving any issues may occur.

Our services are customized both for groups traveling for business and for individuals with tailor made proposals. 

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Special: videomaker service

Italy Creative can also provide a professional videomaker to accompany you and capture your dream travel, event, workshop, team building experience, incentive trip, backstage. The video is delivered on DVD or USB as your recall.

Our Core Business Travel Features

Our powerful experience to ease and support your journey, both during working hours and leisure time

Around The Clock

Around The Clock

Global service providing the best possible travel service at all times for every trip. Dedicated staff and partners of highly-experienced and knowledgeable available to consult with on all travel requirements and to support you around the clock if necessary.

High Quality

High Quality

We take care of your business travel requirements at every level and our approach is to deliver professional travel services for today’s corporate clients through a combination of  selected services: online, offline and on-the-go,  to find the ideal fit for you and your company.

Best Configuration

Best Configuration

We use our knowledge and experience to carefully consider your requirements. Draw up a profile: mapping out what your needs are, further define the best solution for your company and finally produce a suitable set of business travel proposals.

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

We focus on the elements which matter most to you to ensure you are getting something specifically tailored to your requirements to exceed travelers’ expectations. We have also considered  those travellers who require that little bit extra VIP service.

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